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June 30, 2007



I bet you are the queen of bonfires!! What amazing photos. I love the lego boat one. And the first few..nice. Brings back memories from when I was younger hanging out with my brothers and their friends. We were the neighborhood group. So much fun.
Love these E. :D


oh wow it does look crazy, how do you do it? Nice shots too!


Seven boys at one time? You are the brave one :) Love buddy shots though. When their graduating they'll really enjoy looking back at all the fun they had. And who wouldn't have fun with a bonfire like that-you go girl ;D


my goodness you are a superhero mum(mom)!!!! managing all those kids, wow :) i really like the tree photos, they look lovely sepia.

Melissa M.

You are awesome!! I love bonfires too. :)

Angie Penrose

You are such a cool Mom! Friends and bonfires in one day? Your kids are so lucky! :) These are such fun shots. I love the bw one of the boys.

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