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June 24, 2007



'I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy.." *just imagine me bowing down saying that..* What a cool mom you are! First geocaching..then bonfire! :D Love that about you! What fun photos, too. The inchworm..classic! I'm sure there's a song..just don't know it. Have fun at the bonfire..don't burn anything.. ;)


I love how you capture Cierra's brown eyes so well. Still havn't mastered that with Samuel. You inspire me to keep trying no matter how uncooperative he may be.

Angie Penrose

Once again you guys have to be the funnest family. We are going to have to try that geocaching. Looks like a great time. Love the photos of your daughter. She is gorgeous!!

Kara Elmore

WHAT in the world is a Geocache??? ;0) I love the pic of Cierra in the second pic of the wet hair! Darling!

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